Spring 2015

April 25th-26th, 2015

California Airstrip Attack – Coalinga, CA

Airstrip Attack 8

Airstrip Attack 8


AIRSTRIP ATTACK 8: Brought to you by OB Prestige Auto and Speed Society!

What: ½ Mile Side by Side Racing Event and Trap Speed Competition.
When: April 25th and 26th. Gates open at 7AM. Mandatory drivers meeting at 8:00AM.
Where: The New Coalinga Municipal Airport. 27500 West Phelps. Coalinga, CA.

Team Firestopper

Team Firestopper


Press Release


Coalinga residents have a way to stay in shape and have a good time doing it!!!

The craze is called Zumba!!

Watch the video below to see class times and learn more about how to get involved.

Pictured Toni Cerda and her Zumba Class


Zumba History

For other uses, see Zumba (disambiguation).
Zumba Fitness
Founded 2001
Founder(s) Alberto “Beto” Perez,
Alberto Perlman,
Alberto Aghion
Headquarters 800 Silks Run, Suite 2310
Hallandale, FL
Employees 217
Website www.zumba.com

Zumba is a dance fitness program created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez during the 1990s.[1]

Zumba involves dance and aerobic elements. Zumba’s choreography incorporates hip-hopsocasambasalsamerenguemambo and martial artsSquats and lunges are also included.[2] Zumba Fitness, an organization that sells Zumba videos and products, does not charge licensing fees to gyms or fitness centers.[3] Approximately 14 million people take weekly Zumba classes in over 140,000 locations across more than 150 countries.[4]

The Coalinga Huron Parks and Recreation department is offering Zumba classes.

We interviewed one of their instructors Toni Cerda and this is what she had to say about the class!!

Press Release

For Immediate Release: May 29, 2013                      Contact: Sherry Mercurio, Director Public Relations

Franklin University, 614.947.6581, mercuris@franklin.edu

West Hills College Student Receives Bachelor’s

Degree through Online Completion Program

COLUMBUS, OH – A West Hills College student was awarded a bachelor’s degree at a commencement ceremony Sunday, May 12, 2013. However, the degree awarded was not from West Hills College, but rather from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio.

The graduate, Javier Cazares – Business Administration (Resides:  Coalinga, CA, 93210) completed his bachelor degree by participating in a unique educational alliance between West Hills College and Franklin University. The bachelor’s degree completion program allows students in the U.S. to combine on campus coursework at their local community college with online classes through Franklin to complete their degree.

West Hills College is one of more than nearly 270 community colleges across the U.S. that has formed an educational alliance with Franklin University. The Community College Alliance was established to provide students the opportunity to earn their bachelor’s degree online while remaining in their community.  Bachelor’s degrees are available in: Accounting, Allied Healthcare Management, Applied Management, Applied Psychology, Business Administration, Business Economics, Business Forensics, Communications, Computer Science, Criminal Justice Administration, eMarketing, Financial Management, Financial Planning, Forensic Accounting, Healthcare Information Management, Healthcare Management, Human Resources Management, Information Security, Information Systems Auditing, Information Technology, Interactive Media Design, Interdisciplinary Studies, Management, Management Information Sciences, Marketing, Nursing*, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Public Administration, Public Relations, Public Safety Management, Safety, Security & Emergency Management, Social Media Design, and Web Development.  An innovative 17-month online MBAalso is available. (Please note:  Program availability varies by state.  ) *This degree program is restricted to students with current RN licenses.   

Adults have responded enthusiastically to the convenient online format and the ability to fit classes into their daily schedule.  Students also have the benefit of belonging to two schools at one time. They can access Franklin’s resources in addition to the resources of West Hills College.  Franklin’s resources include academic advising, a help desk and a library system. Each student also is assigned a Student Services Associate who provides support and guidance by answering questions about transcripts, financial aid or even how to purchase textbooks.

About Franklin University

Founded in 1902, Franklin University is one of the leading and most experienced educators of adult students. Annually, more than 11,000 students attend Franklin, through its Main Campus in downtown Columbus, Ohio, three Central Ohio locations, at regional locations in Beavercreek, Ohio and Indianapolis, in addition to online. Franklin offers more than 40 undergraduate and graduate programs (with four new graduate programs available Winter 2013) and graduates more than 1,500 students annually. The University’s MBA program is offered internationally through agreements with institutions in Europe and the Middle East. Further information regarding Franklin University can be found at www.franklin.edu

Press Release

According to an article in the Coalinga Recorder the Chamber addressed some of the concerns and rumors about the Horn Toad Derby. The first rumor was dealing with bracelets and the cost.

“Rumor 1: Bracelets for rides will be sold. False: Discount tickets are the best deal one gets for the buck. There will be no passes , no bracelets, and no better deal than the presale discount tickets.”

The article goes on saying that tickets have been the same price for the last 5 years at $20.00 for 30 tickets equating to around 6 rides @ an average rate of 5 tickets for the big rides with a discount ticket book sold until may 23rd at your local retailers.

Does this insinuate that 6 rides @ $20.00 per book is a better deal than a $30-$50 unlimited ride wristband, or is that just saying that is the best deal that is being provided.?

I suggest that if your going to the Derby, that you buy the tickets now and save some of that hard earned money. Don’t be the hold out, only to pay Derby pricing when you get there!!!


For Tickets Call



Media Release
Date: April 2, 2013
Contact: Fire Chief: Steve Henry 935-1652
Office Assistant Megan Newton 935-1652

I am pleased to announce that Firefighter – Paramedic Ray Ramos is this years recipient of the Firefighter of Year Award.

Ray has earned this award through hard work and his willingness to get involved. He has also demonstrated an eagerness to assist fellow firefighters with training, education and physical fitness. Ray has taught RIC operations this year to all members of the department and has assisted with our recruit academy training as well. Ray’s actions, commitment and dedication to the community and department he serves are characteristic of Ray’s willingness to give back as well as serving as Union President.

Ray has spear headed projects such as the Training Pad, purchase of improved exercise equipment, and is currently assisting in developing the specialized rescue team for the Coalinga Fire Department.

Please join us while we present Ray his Award, Coalinga City Hall, Council Chambers at 155 W Durian, Coalinga, CA on April 4

Ray will also receive the Coalinga Elks Lodge Firefighter of the Year award for his outstanding job he has done for our community at a dinner on April 5th at 5:00 pm. Please join us that night to support Ray’s contribution to our department.




Media Release












UPDATE: Wishful Prayer

   To all that kept “Springy Line” in there hearts and prayers….. Thank You. The surgery went as planned and is hoped for a speedy recovery. Springy has been in darkness for 3 months and seems to be working on his new found sight now. As common, he is still in a period of sensitivity and recovery. His dad, John Line, must be at his side at all times for prevention of any occurrences as this is a fragile stage in his life also.

  Springy was admitted into operation at 8am, 3/14/2013 for preparation. He was connected to IV, electronic monitors and placed under “anesthesia”. This was a serious critical point due to his life term diabetes, sensitive blood balance, and most important of all, age. With steady care his eye lenses were removed and the cataracts vacuumed out. Once the pupil was clear, a new lens was installed for not only for far sight but near sight as well. After waking him up from surgery, he was tested with light contrast and object movement that showed his sight was beginning to be regained. Springy is still hesitant and slightly delayed. Their will be an adjustment period but the Ophthalmologist Specialist is confident that all will work out fine in his favor. He was released later around 5pm the same day late due to the critical monitoring needed and returned home safely with many medications for a positive restful recovery.

One of the most important things Springy had on his side just as important as your prayers with lit candles was Springy had a fighting chance to be happy again and visually see because of love and respect. He loved and respected his family and proved it by being loyal and sharing common interest for each other. He considered them important with a lot of love. And in return, he received much love and respect through the loyalty of his family. This is an act  that should never be taken for granted. That is the foundation of the “Greatest Family”.

John and Springy would like to extend thanks to Angie Alvarez for helping, caring, and being there in Springys time despair. She put in many hours of care and Springys uprising health can be attributed to the efforts she made. She was a great helpful asset to his previous unfortunate turn of events.

Springy looks forward to cruising the beautiful streets of Coalinga in the white pickup truck real soon and looks forward to seeing all of you again. Thank you again for your prayers and compassion.

-John Line-

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